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If you are a parent or guardian of preschool children the biggest problem is childcare while you are working. One of the biggest and most important decisions you will have to make is who you are going to leave your children with. You will be required put the welfare your babies to a nanny but can you they are doing what you have asked of them? Birmingham Private Investigators nanny monitoring services can help you to trust the person you have chosen to do the job.

If you are looking to hire a private detective in Birmingham we at Birmingham Private Investigators can give you the best private detective service available. If you have already hired someone to look after your children or you have already received applicants for the job we can aid you to find out if they are suitable for the job. How can you be sure that the person you have hired is looking after the children in the way you wish? How do you know they are treating the children how they should be? Do you know if they are not lying about who they are? The list goes on and we can help you find out the truth.

Birmingham Nanny Monitoring

At Birmingham Private Investigators we have cost effective answers to all your nanny monitoring questions. Whatever your budget, our nanny monitoring service can give you the answers. Our private detectives will use a combination of high level technology equipment and surveillance to find out what your chid carer is doing with your children, who they are with and where they are going with them. If you require a CV to be thoroughly checked out by our private investigators detectives before you hire them, we can take away the worry of the unknown and put your mind at rest over hiring the right person for the job.

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Nanny Monitoring in Birmingham

A client came to us to have the Nanny of her children put under surveillance, whilst she was in their home, to make sure that she was the right person for the position. After consulting Birmingham Private Investigators the client came to the conclusion that the best way to ensure the reliability and good conduct of the individual, she was employing to care for her children, was through internal surveillance. Worried that her children were unhappy with the nanny and not because they missed the old nanny, our client looked into hiring a private investigator. The private investigation began when a member of our private investigator agency team was invited to set up the required surveillance equipment in the home of the client.

The static surveillance was in place during the working day of the target and confirmed that she was complying with the employee regulations laid out in her contract and was interacting well with the children. However towards the end of the session some surprising information was uncovered by private detective Birmingham. From the surveillance footage obtained our private detective saw that the partner of the client was having an affair with the individual. The intimacy was recorded happening once the children had been put to bed but before the client had returned home from work. Our client had not worried her husband with the static surveillance details, so he was completely unaware of the cameras. Private investigators Birmingham carried out more mobile surveillance in which the nanny and our clients partner were shown to be having a full blown affair. We presented the client with a full report of the investigation that included video and photographic evidence that made clear the relationship between her partner and the Nanny. The client was obviously upset by this unexpected turn of events and the individual's contract of employment was ended immediately. Following the investigation a series of affairs on the husband's part were revealed and the client decided to end her marriage and take custody of her children and is now settling the divorce case in court using the evidence gained in the investigation.

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